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"Praise makes us brave"  
Barbara Sher
NY Times Best-selling
Author/Speaker and
Inventor of Success Teams







with Andrea Reese,

NYC Certified Facilitator

Welcome to my Success Team website!
Whether you already know what you want or are trying to figure it out, a Success Team will give you tons of support, creative ideas, structure and fun.
We each have dreams whether or not we realize it, and those dreams are such an important part of who we are and what brings us happiness.
I would be delighted for the chance to help you make your dreams fly.
I'm the only Success Team leader in NYC trained and certified by Barbara Sher, the inventor of these groups, and I've run over 60 teams during the past 15 years. I also worked as Barbara Sher's assistant for 17 years. 
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Many good wishes, Andrea
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