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How many people are in a team?

Every team has 5-6 members. The program was designed around this number. The small size of each group means that everyone receives tons of individual attention.


Can you guarantee that I’ll get my dream?

I can guarantee that you'll get much clearer about your dream and take more steps than you would have taken without a team. Some dreams take longer than 8 weeks to complete, but in those cases, the team serves as a launch pad. 


What if I have no idea what my goals are?

Part of the point of the team is to help you figure out your goals. Many people don't know (yet) what they want. The exercises done in the first 3 meetings will help tremendously. I've found that most people actually are more aware of what they want than they realize, but have convinced themselves they can't have it. The team will help you feel the possibility of actually going after what you truly want. 


What if I know my goals but have no confidence or talent?

If there's something you love, than that is where your talent is, even if you haven't yet done that thing. As far as confidence goes, you don't need it to go after what you want!! All you need is support and structure. Confidence is overrated. Sometimes you'll feel it in life, sometimes you won't, and you shouldn't wait to be perfectly confident to pursue your goals. Get the support you need and it won't matter whether or not you feel confident.  


Am I too old to go after what I want?

Definitely not! Here's something interesting. The youngest people in my teams are the ones who most frequently think they're "too old" to go after their dreams. When you start taking steps towards what you love, you'll discover mountains of energy and excitement and you'll forget your age. Also, wouldn't you rather try to go after your goals, since time will pass anyway? And finally, countless people go after their goals after age 40. So many of us get strong messages about what we "should" do, and don't realize what we really want until we reach 40 and get a deeper sense of limited time and the importance of taking steps towards our dreams.


Does everyone in a group have the same goals?

It's ideal if everybody has different goals, because then there isn't competition. Also, people with a variety of goals are more able to do "thinking out of the box" for each other. Additionally, we each know many people, so even when the group members want different things, they'll know people who can help each other, and without an atmosphere of competition, it's easier to share info generously. 


How much does the 8-week program cost?

The 8 week program is $425.  The 4 week teams are $250. Both have a maximum of 6 people who meet once a week for 2 hours.

What’s the average age of participants?

Participants have ranged in age from upper 20s through 70s and beyond. Most participants are women over 35, and teams tend to draw more women than men. 

Are Success Teams affiliated with any religion or with multi-level marketing?

Most definitely not. 


Can you call me to discuss whether a team is right for me?

As much as I'd enjoy speaking with everyone who is thinking about joining a team, I'm not able to do that because there are simply too many inquiries. However, I'm happy to answer any questions you have by email. Click HERE to send me an email. 


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