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Workshops with Andrea
In addition to my 8-week Success Teams,
I run a 3-4 hour workshop called "Dream Launch Workshop". 
This workshop is designed for 3-10 people and can be facilitated in
offices, homes or other spaces.
The price per person and the length of the workshop
depends on the number of attendees, with the individual fee 
ranging from $75-100.
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Below is a description of my workshop.
If you'd like to bring me on to present a workshop at your
home, office or other location,
email me HERE and we'll get something set up.

Dream Launch Workshop

This intensive 3-hour workshop combines the classic exercises and games from Success Teams with visualization and collaging to help you access your dreams from a deep level. Whether you already know what your goal is but have been blocked about taking steps towards it, or are unsure about your path, this workshop will help you get to the root of what you want within a nurturing, creative and comfortable setting. Your dreams are an integral part of who you are, and what you love is what you’re gifted at, even if you haven’t yet let it see the light of day. This workshop will give you the tools and encouragement to finally make your dreams happen. As Barbara Sher, the inventor of Success Teams, says, “Isolation is the dream killer”.

This workshop will surround you with people eager to help you with your dreams.
I'm a Certified Success Team facilitator who for the last 20 years has helped hundreds of New Yorkers identify their purpose in life.
You’ll leave the workshop with:
  • Clarity about your goals and dreams
  • A collage that both illustrates your dreams and inspires you to keep moving towards them
  • Confidence that your dreams are worth pursuing
  • Concrete next steps




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