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About Andrea

I'm a Career Counselor, Photographer (click on the word photographer to see my photo website) and total people-lover!
Nothing thrills me more than helping others go after their dreams and feel their best, whether via the Success Teams I run or the pictures I take. I've been running teams in NYC for over 15 years. That's over 60 groups, and I've loved every one of them. The Success Team approach has also helped me tremendously to go after my own dreams ever since I read Barbara Sher's first book, Wishcraft, in 1983.

I worked for 17 years as Personal and Administrative Assistant to the inventor of Success Teams, NY Times best-selling Author and Speaker, Barbara Sher, and I'm the only Certified Leader in NYC.

What people are saying about my Success Teams:


“Andrea is a consummate professional who facilitates a group so that everyone is heard, feels valued and walks away with specific ideas and email addresses that can be developed into a game plan. She is able to bring out the best in everyone. More than anything, I trust Andrea with people's feelings. She is kind, practical, and sensitive. I love her enthusiasm for others as they move tentatively toward their long-time or newly formed goals. It is a pleasure to be in her presence as she facilitates her groups for success."
Judith, NYC
"Andrea Reese is a BRILLIANT facilitator! It’s not always so easy to find a safe space in NYC to express yourself about what’s truly important but Andrea creates that in spades. She has decades of experience and her skill level at bringing out the best collaborator in every individual was phenomenal. I can HIGHLY recommend!"
Tanya, NYC

"THANK YOU from the happy new graduates of your latest Success Team! Your upbeat energy and calm cheerfulness has been a buoy of light among us. We know we can always count on your helpfulness and genuine encouragement."
Spring, 2012 Success Team, NYC
"If there is something you really want, do this for yourself. It works! My experience in Andrea's Success Team changed my life. My team supported me in making a cross-country move happen. Once I was in the right place, more big important changes followed. I'm still so grateful to my team."
Jill, Portland

"You are such a natural for Success Team leadership - your passion spills out! You are terrific in knowing how to moderate and keep things moving forward positively - always open to the next level of possibility. I have learned so much about myself over the past few weeks because of your leadership."
Lianna, NYC

"Your success teams, Andrea, put people on the map of where they want to go who did not even know where to begin to look!"
Avril, NYC

“Your Success Teams are amazing. I've seen so many people hit their stride, find their groove (any other good clichés for something wonderful?) through those classes. If anyone is unsure about taking the plunge, I'd tell them to dive right in!”
Brent, NYC

“As one of the lucky people who participated in your Success Team it was certainly one of the best experiences I've ever had! I highly recommend doing this to anyone who wants to improve their lives and have fun doing it! As a Team Leader Andrea is the greatest!”
Renee, NYC

“I had a great time on the Success Team I joined a couple of years ago and I hope to do it again. It's a really fun way to approach your goals in life and Andrea is a great group leader and organizer, as well as a delightful and supportive person.”
Carol, NYC

Photo on this page by Missy Cohen.


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