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About Success Teams

Success Teams were invented about 30 years ago by NY Times best-selling Author/Speaker Barbara Sher and they are meeting up right now all over the world. 
What’s a Success Team?
A Success Team is a group of 5-6 people who will give you extraordinary support, structure and creative ideas once a week for 8 consecutive weeks. I also run 4 week teams during holiday times of year when fewer people are able to commit to the full 8 week program.
You’ll take tons of steps towards your dreams, whether they be career dreams or personal dreams (meeting someone, getting fit, etc). I’ve been running Success Teams for over 15 years and have seen countless people make major progress towards their dreams. Team members have published books, found jobs, met partners, pursued things they always loved but hadn’t fully done, written resumes they’d avoided for months, moved to cities they dreamed of
living in, etc. The fee for the 8 week program is $425. The fee for a 4 week team is $250.
Why is it so important to go after our dreams?
“Most people go to their graves with their music still in them.” -Benjamin Disraeli.
You were born with a unique gift, something that nobody else can do as well as you. If you don’t use that gift, a sadness will sit in a part of you, plus others will miss out on something very special. You owe it to the world to share that gift. Somewhere in you is a place of awareness that you could be really fantastic at something  and that you’d love doing it. Trouble is, that voice gets buried for all sorts of reasons. In a team, your unique voice will come alive again, and you’ll be in just the setting to finally let your dreams blossom. 
Why do Success Teams work so well?
“Isolation is the dream killer”-Barbara Sher
We humans are social creatures who are not meant to go after things alone. We need the warm support of others, because, as Barbara says, “Praise makes us brave.” Also, we tend to have much better ideas for each other than for ourselves, so when you sit week after week with a small group people who genuinely want to see you make your dreams come true, everything changes.
Have you ever gotten really excited about a goal and then crashed a few days later? Did you blame yourself, feeling that you didn’t have enough “will power”, or did you convince yourself you didn’t really want the goal after all, or that you weren’t good enough for it?
If so, join the club! Nobody accomplishes their goals alone. That’s why we all know countless people whose dreams fell by the wayside-- because they bought into the myth that they were supposed to do everything alone.
It’s time to end the isolation and make your dreams happen!


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