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2024- Stay tuned...
All of my Success Teams are specifically for residents of
NYC, all boroughs. The price for the 8 week team is $425. 
To join this team, the first step is to email me HERE to let me know you're interested. I'll reply with a list of application  questions for you to answer and we'll take it from there. 
If you do not live in NYC, you can look for a team in your area here: SUCCESS TEAMS
Other info:
To join my email list and receive announcements
of additional future teams as they come up click
(I won't give your information to anyone else.)
In addition to my 8-week Success Teams,
I run a shorter workshop called "Dream Launch Workshop" 
both solo and in collaboration with others.
If you'd like to bring me on to present a workshop at your company or for friends, email me HERE and we'll get something set up.
You can learn more about the workshops here: WORKSHOPS
Graduates of my Success Teams can set up
to help keep the momentum going.
Learn more here: BOOSTERAMAS
TEAM HOSTING (for future in person teams)
Each team takes place in a Manhattan apartment,
and the host gets to be in the team for free in return for hosting.
To host, you need to have enough seating for 7 people total and be available one evening per week for 8 weeks.
We would decide together on the most
convenient day for us both.
If you'd be interested in hosting a future team,
email me HERE






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