2019 Success Teams
Team size: 5-6 members
Duration: Weekly 2-hour meetings for 8 weeks, 7-9pm.
Fee: $385
The Fall 2019 Success Team is full. 
To join my email list and receive announcements
of teams as they come up click
(I won't give your information to anyone else.)
In addition to my 8-week Success Teams,
I run a shorter workshop called "Dream Launch Workshop" 
both solo and in collaboration with others.
If you'd like to bring me on to present a workshop at your company or for friends, email me HERE and we'll get something set up.
You can learn more about the workshops here: WORKSHOPS
Graduates of my Success Teams can set up
to help keep the momentum going.
Learn more here: BOOSTERAMAS
Each team takes place in a Manhattan apartment,
and the host gets to be in the team for free in return for hosting.
To host, you need to have enough seating for 7 people total and be available one evening per week for 8 weeks.
We would decide together on the most
convenient day for us both.
If you'd be interested in hosting a future team,
email me HERE






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